How do I veto a trade in the ESPN Fantasy Football app?


To help leagues assess whether a trade is fair to both parties and to avoid collusion, ESPN Fantasy Football’s “VETO A Trade” option has been implemented. The ability to block offers in Custom Leagues can be granted to League Managers and League Owners.

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Veto a profession for beginners

An ESPN fantasy football swap is an agreement between two clubs to exchange players or draft picks. As long as no team parameters are broken, trades can be made with an unbalanced number of players. They might make the game the most fun, but players who don’t recognize certain rules might find them frustrating.

If league owners have veto power, a deal will either be approved or rejected based on the number of owner votes. If used, all accepted trades in custom leagues can only be vetoed by the league manager within the time specified by the “Trade Review Period” setting. Any fantasy football team owner can submit trade feedback.

The agreement will be automatically canceled if the league manager vetoes it. However, the deal will continue past the league’s “Trade Review Period” setting if the league official approves the trade.

How to Veto a Trade on the ESPN Fantasy Football App

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Each manager will receive an email with the transaction information once a transaction has been agreed. Then, to veto that trade, follow these two steps:

Step 1: Click “Vote on Trade” in the email sent to you

You will be able to click “Vote on Trade” once you receive an email about a trade that has been accepted. You should be redirected to the fantastic app. Otherwise, you can also go directly to the Fantasy app.

Step 2: You can then “vote against the veto” or “vote to defend”

Once your email has sent you directly to the application, you will be able to choose to “vote against veto” or “vote to keep”. This is where you will choose the “vote against veto” option.

Tips to keep in mind when vetoing a trade

You should be aware that a transaction in progress will be canceled if four of the 10 fantasy football managers choose to veto it during the transaction review period. You can check which transactions are still pending and, if you wish, submit your veto via a link on the main League Office website.

Additionally, any team manager in the league, except the two trade teams, has the ability to vote against a deal. The trade will be quickly terminated if there are enough votes against.

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