Leak reveals major football match in May


If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your copy of FIFA but budgets were a bit tight, it might be time to upgrade to PS Plus.

According to industry reports, FIFA 22 could be on the free PS Plus games lineup for the month of May.

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According to Gamespot, a leak was spotted on French site Dealslab, where it revealed the three potential games that could be free for subscribers.

Of course, there hasn’t been any official communication from Sony regarding the free games of the month yet, but the headliner of the leak was EA’s FIFA 22.

It makes sense that the football title could appear on the PlayStation subscription service for free, given that the title is about halfway through its year in the spotlight.

FIFA 23 will start to be in the spotlight as soon as the developers start releasing information, and this could be a way to strengthen the player base for the final stretch.

According to the leak, PS5 and PS4 owners will also have the option to download Tribes of Midgard, which is an action-RPG, while 2021’s Curse of the Dead Gods will also be free.

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Whether the leak turns out to be true remains to be seen, as there have been a number of hits and misses with PS Plus leaks in the past.

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