The McQuaid-Bennett football game will be played on Tuesday night


McQuaid Jesuit High School’s regional Class AA football game against Bennett High School in Buffalo will now be played Tuesday night, Spectrum News 1 confirmed. The match was previously postponed following a COVID outbreak within the McQuaid football team.

Officials say unvaccinated players who test negative can play and players and coaches who test positive cannot participate.

Those who came into contact with positive players on 11/15 were tested five times, and all were negative and can play, Spectrum News 1 reports Revathi Janaswamy. They have also been released from quarantine since Monday evening (seven days).

Judge Emilio Colaiacovo called the petition “without purpose”. McQuaid’s lawyers say they will take him down after the game.

The game was postponed after a judge approved McQuaid’s request for a temporary restraining order to prevent the Erie County Health Department from enforcing its COVID-19 directive which states that only players vaccinated can play in the game.

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association then made the decision to postpone the game.

The game will be played at Williamsville South High School.

The New York State High School Association said it would take no action to prevent this game as well.

McQuaid Jesuit released a statement regarding the news, which reads:

“We are grateful that the New York State Regional Quarterfinals football game is decided on the field by the student-athletes of Bennett High School and McQuaid Jesuit who have worked hard all season for this opportunity. Additionally, we are grateful to our team members who patiently adhered to all testing protocols to ensure the utmost health and safety not only for themselves but also for their opponents. We look forward to what should be a highly competitive and entertaining game tonight.”

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